Working in the markets of France and the Netherlands for years, we have learned to appreciate Europe for its diversity and to combine the best features of this diversity in our work. Thus, the elegance of Southern Europe meets up with the
rationality of Northern Europe in our products. As for our part, we have tried to add efficiency and thoroughness to the mix. Our clients know that our word is our bond.
The Studio Raus products are a synthesis of creativity, as well as the knowledge and practical experience acquired through the years. The company’s products are mainly related to architecture and interior design, and include stained glass, designer furniture and the design of façades for historical buildings. At first glance, the common elements of the various products are light and transparency. Studio Raus collaborates with the best master craftsmen in their fields and the proven quality of our suppliers guarantees our products. 
Maag Furniture is a range of exclusive furniture that is inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s magical world of the Rue Cambon in Paris. The kaleidoscopic playfulness of the mirrored surfaces and sparkling light also characterizes the Maag product range. Maag is a luxurious display case for fashion accessories, lingerie, footwear and everything else that deserves to be raised on a pedestal. The Maag Furniture product range uses unique Italian composite panel combined with high-quality
metal and wood elements. Minimalist in form, Maag Furniture offers an unlimited number of color and texture combinations. The products in the Maag Furniture range are made to order, based on the client’s space and product needs. 


Studio Raus provides various design solutions and services from project design to execution.